Nerat Shield

Loscar Hold was a minor holding located on Nerat's east coast, and sheltered by a natural feature known as the High Shoals.


In the middle of the Ninth Pass, a meteorite crashed into Pern near the Eastern Ring Islands, causing a massive tsunami to threaten various coastal regions of Pern. Master Starman Erragon hypothesized that the High Shoals near Loscar would be destroyed by the force of the tsunami wave, which would reduce the strong currents in the area.

Brekke visited this hold while helping to evacuate the Benden coast.


While the Atlas of Pern depicts the High Shoals as being along the Nerat coastline, F'nor notes in Skies of Pern that Brekke is aiding the evacuation of the Benden coast, and Canth confirms she is in Loscar Hold. Provided that this wasn't merely a retcon or a text error, this could mean one of many things;

  1. The entire east coast is known as the Benden Coast.
  2. F'nor was referring to the area of Nerat covered by Benden Weyr as the Benden coast.
  3. Brekke had finished evacuating the Benden Coast and had continued on to Nerat.
  4. The High Shoals cover a larger area than shown in the Atlas.

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