Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Gold Arith
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
Telgar Weyr
Far Western Continent
Parent(s) Sannel
Fire-lizard(s) Gold Garth
Brown Grenn
First appearance Dragonsblood

Benden Weyr Shield Telgar Weyr Shield

Lorana was a Queenrider at Benden Weyr in the Third Pass. It was she who cured the illness decimating the dragons of her time, but lost her queen Arith in the process. She met J'trel when he came to report the loss of K'nad.

She befriended J'trel before he and his dragon Talith went between forever. Lorana also had two fire lizards before impressing Arith at Benden Weyr: Gold Garth and Brown Grenn. During a storm while Lorana was at sea, she sent them between. They went to the past, both sick. Only Grenn survived. Towards the events of Dragonsblood, Lorana learns this after receiving a locket from Tullea, which was actually given to Lorana from Tieran and Emorra.


Early Life

She traveled with her father Sannel, a beastcraftmaster, and learned much from him. She was the only one to live during the Plague. She used her skill in drawing to help her father, who used it to keep track of their breeding. He was killed by a crazed beast, who also hurt her and brown Grenn, who broke a wing, which Lorana set and helped him heal. J'trel meet her when he came to tell the Lord Holder Carel about his brother's passing, who was his weyermate of over twenty turns.

The Wind Rider

J'trel found out about the ship at Ista Sea Hold, by speaking to Tanner, and arranged for the ship to take her Half-Circle Sea Hold as the ship's healer. With Colfet's aid, she got off the ship before it sunk, but had to send her fire lizards away, when they ended up going back in time to Wind Blossom.

The Dragon Plague

She worked with M'tal, and like Torene, she could hear/speak to all dragons. Her high empathy also allowed her to feel them going Between to die. Along with Kindan, Ketan, M'tal, and Salina, she studied the information left in the hidden rooms by Wind Blossom and used it to cure the Plague, injecting the last of the serum into Minith, who would pass the immunity on to her unborn children.



It is suggested in Dragon's Time that Lorana did not survive to the end of the Third Pass; a conversation between Tullea and Fiona in the Third Interval reveals that Lorana never got to know Tullea's true personality — her foul moods being caused by being in multiple times at once — suggesting that Lorana either died shortly after the events of Sky Dragons, or that for some reason Lorana and Tullea never crossed paths again after the events of Sky Dragons.


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