A Lady Holder was a title most commonly used to refer for the wife of a Lord Holder. It could also refer to a woman who was leader of a major hold in her own right.


The vast majority of Lady Holders were the spouses of Lord Holders. Hold inheritance traditions typically preferred male heirs to female. However, Lady Nerra of Crom Hold in the Third Pass and Lady Janissian of Southern Boll Hold in the Ninth Pass were the leaders of their holds. There is also a reference to a Lady Sicca of Ista Hold during Janissian's confirmation. Lady Holders who hold in their own right possess the same privileges and responsibilities as Lord Holders.

The responsibilities of Lady Holders who are spouses of Lord Holders is less defined. Lady Holders appear to oversee the domestic procedures of a hold, and serve as hostesses for important guests. In the event that a newly confirmed Lord Holder is unmarried, the Lord Holder may request that the previous Lady Holder serve in this capacity until a spouse is chosen.

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