Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Heiress
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Fort Hold
Harper Hall
Parent(s) Bemin and Sannora
Siblings Semin, Bannor, Fiona
Fire-lizard(s) gold Koriss
First appearance Dragon Harper
Notable appearance Dragon Harper

Fort Shield Harper

Koriana was a holder in Fort Hold in the Second Interval.

Early Life

The eldest daughter of Lord Bemin and Lady Sannora, Lord Holders of Fort Hold and sister to Semin, Bannor, and Fiona . She died relatively young in the plague preceded in death by her mother and brothers and leaving behind her father Lord Bemin and her younger sister Fiona. Her death had a profound and painful impact on both Lord Bemin and Kindan — both of whom loved her deeply.

Personality and traits


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