Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman Harper
Dragon bronze Lurenth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Camp Natalon
Harper Hall
Benden Weyr
Sky Weyr
Spouse Lorana
Parent(s) Danil (Father)
Siblings Silstra, Dakin, Jaran, Kenil, Jakris, Tofir, Kaylek
Children Tiona, Kimar
Fire-lizard(s) bronze Valla
First appearance Dragon's Kin

BlankHold Harper Benden Weyr Shield

Kindan (also K'dan), is a character appearing in several Pern novels set in the Second Interval and Third Pass. His early life is well chronologed during the collaborations between Anne and Todd McCaffrey.


Camp/Mine Natalon

Kindan was the youngest son of the wherhandler, Danil, who died along with many of Kindan's brothers in a rockfall in the mine at Camp Natalon in Crom Hold. After their deaths, he was apprenticed to Masterharper Zist, and eventually was chosen to try to bond a watch-wher so the camp would have a wherhandler again. He managed to retrieve an egg from the queen watch-wher Aleesk and it hatched into a green wher named Kisk.

Kindan was helped in training Kisk by Nuella, a blind girl who was the daughter of Natalon. Together, they discovered Camp Natalon was being dangerously mined by Tarik, but before they could tell anyone, a part of the mine collapsed, trapping miners on the other side, including Nuella's father, Natalon.

Kindan suggested that Nuella take Kisk and show her how to go between so they could save the miners. Afterwards, it turned out that the watch-wher had transferred her bond to Nuella and became Nuelsk. Freed of his responsibilities as a wherhandler, Kindan returned to being an apprentice harper.

Harper Hall

He found the records for firestone, did some the hunting for the flu.

Benden Weyr

He found out that a Plague which the dragonrider helped, effect the weyrfolks, and it took Twenty Turns for them to recover, so the Weyrs couldn't help with this 'flu' outbreak

Harper Hall

A torch burnt many of the hall records, he fought hard to save the records

The Dragon Plague

Kindan was the Weyrharper at Benden Weyr when the dragons began to die of sickness. His bronze fire lizard Valla was one of the first fire lizards to die, prompting him and Lorana to start looking to the cause of the illness. He spent many hours loking through the records for hints about the Plague, and growing closer to Lorana. He eventually uncovered information about a set of rooms hidden in Benden Weyr and eventually found them behind a rockfall that had cut them off from the rest of the Weyr. Kindan studied the information Wind Blossom had left behind to teach them about genetics, and he discovered that the drum codes were based on PNA sequences.

Western Continent

When Fiona leaves their twins on the Western Continent, Kindan is left to care for them and is recruited as the Weyrlingmaster for the newest weyrlings.


K’dan is the only recorded character to impress a dragon, fire lizard, and watch-wher. His inadvertent impression of Lurenth, a bronze dragon, was during a rush to save a number of hatchlings from tunnel snakes.


While young, Kindan is drawn to Koriana, the daughter of a Holder, sister to Fiona, who died during the Plague. After bonding with Lorana, adverse circumstances lead to a unique bond between Lorana, Fiona, and Kindan.

Appearance, personality and traits

Hard-working and willing to learn new things, Kindan displayed the charm, tact, and discretion expected of a harper, along with a sly sense of humor. He was described as tall and rangy, with keen blue eyes and jet black hair.


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