Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Healer
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Healer Hall
Fort Hold
First appearance Dragon's Fire
Notable appearance Dragon Harper

Healer Fort Shield

Kilti was a master healer late in the Second Interval.


He tried to save Cayla and Carissa from a illness that they picked up while Zist and Cayla were traveling to find information on the Shunned.

Kilti worked at Fort Hold during the plague. He received help from Kindan and Vaxoram, who had been banished from the Harper Hall by Master Archivist Resler for starting the fire in the Archives. Kilti and Kindan tended people, and Vaxoram ihelped carry out the dead bodies.

While Kindan was ill, Kilti, who was also ill himself, died from the plague. Kindan, when he recovered, took over Kilti's duties.


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