Southern Shield Smith Miner Plastic

Karachi Camp is one of the stakes on the Southern Continent in Dorado Province which was founded After Landing. It was rediscovered in the Ninth Pass as one of the Minor Holds.


After Landing

Found by Tarvi Andiyar and Sallah Telgar as manager, till her death, he was keeping his operation running during the Second Crossing, but he closed down and moved to Fort Hold, help to finish exploring that site and helped with making of Fort Weyr.

Ninth Pass

It was flown over by dragons and their rider who saw that the covered mounds did look right, Hamian mention about the early party, before going on to the Smithcraft  to Piemur, he  used the marks, to help him in both the open mine and shafts.

T'lion mention to Readis, about near here.



Additional Information

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