BC HB-US Dragonsye wos
K'van among the group setting up Telgar Weyrs' Star Stones
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyrleader
Dragon Bronze Charath
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Ruatha Hold
Telgar Weyr
Siblings Two unnamed
First appearance Red Star Rising
Notable appearance Dragonseye US Back Cover

Ruatha Shield Telgar Weyr Shield

K'vin was the weyrleader of Telgar Weyr during the First Interval and beginning of the Second Pass. He is the rider of bronze Charath. He is a descendant of Sorka, the first Weyrwoman.


Early Life at Ruatha Hold

He was born in Ruatha Hold, probably c. 225, descendant of Sorka.

«Kevin of the Hanrahans»


When he was fourteen, he was very sure of impressing, as a boy the wobble legged bronze dragon Charanth came to «Kevin of the Hanrahans», K'van.

Personality and traits

He has the characteristic Hanrahan red hair, blue eyes and freckles, he feels to young to be Weyrleader.


Additional Information

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