Journeyman was a rank in the crafthalls. Journeymen were considered skilled enough to practice independently.


Specifics differed by crafthall, but generally, crafters were promoted to Journeymen following an apprenticeship. In some crafts, such as the Harper Hall, apprentices "walked the tables" to become journeymen: they were escorted from the apprentice tables to the journeyman tables by other journeymen.

Journeymen were often sent around Pern to practice their craft, staffing local crafthalls, or working out of their home. Most craft-trained Pernese choose not to progress beyond the Journeyman stage, however, those that did could become Masters after fulfilling certain requirements. Journeymen who remained in the crafthalls were assigned to a Master, whom they assisted. Journeymen could assist in teaching apprentices, and also had authority to deal out punishments to those who broke the rules. Journeymen were identified by a specific pattern of knots that hung from the shoulder, which varied based on craft and the hold they were located in.

Journeymen duties by craft


Journeymen in the Fishercraft typically do the majority of the hard work on a vessel, setting nets and hauling in the catch. They may also teach apprentices to work with the equipment and tend sail. Journeymen also work alongside apprentices to clean the catch. Journeymen are also taught to make maps of the major sea trade routes and safe moorings. Journeymen on a ship are ranked according to nautical tradition: seaman able-bodied, second mate, and first mate.


Journeymen in the Healercraft generally work as nurses in the Healer Halls. They work under a Head Nurse, who is responsible for a number of beds or wards. They have the option to remain nurses, or to attain Master and become a doctor.


Journeymen in the Harper Hall have the option of remaining in the crafthall or taking contracts in holds. Those who remain in the Harper Hall may assist in teaching apprentices. Journeymen who specialize in chorale are taught to conduct, while those who sing or play instrumentation may be called upon to teach paying students. Those who choose to take contracts may work with numerous other Harpers in a major hold, or be the sole harper of a minor hold, providing teaching and entertainment to the Holders.


Smithcrafr Journeymen perform uncomplicated and heavy work, allowing Masters to work on more complex projects. Journeymen have the option of working in a specialty of their choice. Prior to their detachment into independent crafts, journeymen could choose to work with wood or glass.


Journeymen in the Winecraft often oversee apprentices who are sorting grapes. Others will accompany the Mastervinter as he travels from vat to vat, learning craft secrets and tasting when invited.

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