Vital statistics
Title Harper
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
Camp Natalon
Fort Weyr
First appearance Dragon's Kin

Harper Hall Camp Natalon Fort Weyr

Jofri was a Journeyman Harper at Camp Natalon late in the Second Interval then a Master at Fort Weyr early in the Third Pass.


Jofri taught at Camp Natalon before he was replaced by Master Zist. Since Jofri specialized in ballads and drums, he had often admonished the boys and girls of Camp Natalon that if they didn’t behave he’d use the tricks that had been used on him by the Master Zist. But, due to the fact that he had had them doing scales in harmony since they could first walk, they were prepared when Master Zist took over for Jofri when he returned to the Harper Hall to complete his Mastery.

Personality and traits

Even though Jofri was as good a teacher as he was a musician, he had come to accept that in matters of Healing, Kindan's eldest sister Silstra was the Master and not he.

Kindan was certain that he preferred Journeyman Jofri’s easygoing ways to Master Zist’s demanding discipline any day, regardless of the results.


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