Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Junior weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Laspanth
Era Third Pass
Affiliation Traders
Eastern Weyr
Sky Weyr
Parent(s) Tenniz
Siblings J'riz
First appearance Dragon's Time

Trader BlankWeyr BlankWeyr

Jirana was a weyrwoman in the Third Pass. Her dragon was gold Laspanth.


She was the daughter of Tenniz the Seer and his wife, Javissa. Her father died before she was born, and she would eventually inherit his ability to See the future. Her ability first manifested after she went with Xhinna and Taria to the Western Isle; she talked about Impressing a «green queen» named Laspanth and then said that only five of Coranth's eggs would hatch. This was proven true when most of the eggs were devoured by tunnelsnakes and five dragonets were successfully Impressed.

Later, she was attacked by a Mrreow and badly hurt. After a hint from Jirana, Xhinna gathered the queen dragons together around the egg that Jirana claimed contained Laspanth, and asked for the unborn queen to take Jirana's pain and spread it among the riders so Jirana could be healed. They soon learn that Laspanth can also show them the tunnels the snakes use and how to save the eggs from being eaten.

Finally, the eggs began to hatch, and Jirana helped Laspanth hatch out of her shell, revealing that she was indeed a queen, and Impressed Jirana.

Personality and traits

Tenniz, when he met Lorana in the past, asked her to lend part of her name to his unborn daughter, so Jirana is named partly after Lorana. She was thin-boned, with dark hair, dusky skin and near-black eyes.


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