Jim Tillek
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Head seaman
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Monaco Bay Stake
Fort Hold
Spouse Theo Force
Children one
First appearance Dragonsdawn

Fisher BlankHold BlankHold Fort Shield

Jim Tillek was a colonist on Pern.


Captain of the Bahrain, Harbor Master of Monaco Bay Stake, Captain of the Southern Cross. Also learned some Dolphin, he helped Ezra Keroon with tracking the Red Star orbit.

He was the one to ring Red Alert Recall sequence, on the Big Bell, calling all dolphin within sound of the bell. He told the dolphins why he rang the bell.

He and Ezra Keroon worked together to organize the sea part of evacuation plan that he was given by the Governor Emily Boll put together during the Second Crossing.

Appearances and Personality

He was a 'misfit' had the love of seas and dolphins, hard working, understanding, He was in middle age, with gray hair. As Captain he had used his allotment to bring teak wood for his ship Southern Cross. Which he saw the fire lizards protecting during the Second Crossing.


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