Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Senior Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Garirth
Era Second Interval
Affiliation High Reaches Weyr
Spouse Weyrmate B'ralar
First appearance Dragon's Fire

High Reaches Weyr

Jessala was Senior Weyrwoman at High Reaches Weyr late in the Second Interval. Her dragon was gold Garirth.


By the time of Dragon's Fire, Jessala had not been well for two Turns and Garirth’s last mating flight was short and low.

After Garirth laid her last clutch, Sonia was convinced that one of the eggs was a queen egg. At the Hatching, Sonia impressed gold Lyrinth and C'tov impressed bronze Sereth, after which Garirth immediately went between forever - because Jessala had passed. As a result, Sonia became the new Senior Weyrwoman.


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