Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Junior weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Sarurth
Era Third Pass
Affiliation Fire Hold
Eastern Weyr (Third Pass)
Sky Weyr
Parent(s) Pellar
First appearance Dragon's Time
Notable appearance Sky Dragons

BlankHold BlankWeyr BlankWeyr

Jepara was the daughter of Pellar and Halla. She was a weyrwoman, having Impressed gold Sarurth.


Born to Pellar and Halla of Fire Hold, she was sent to Eastern Weyr to stand for the clutches of the queens and greens, where she Impressed gold Sarurth. She developed an affection for F'denol while at Sky Weyr, but was reminded that they would probably be separated once they returned to their original time. She discovered a litter of Meeyus and convinced Xhinna to let her save them, keeping one for her own which she named Tawny. Later, when they began to fight Thread, Fiona named her as one of her wingseconds, in charge of the older queens.

Personality and traits

She was apparently good with a bow. She was a bit of a brat and smug about Impressing a queen, though she got more personable over time, and even became one of the most trusted queenriders under Xhinna's leadership.


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