Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Senior Student
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Tillek Hold
Parent(s) Unnamed
Siblings older brothers
Notable appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye

Harper Scribe Tillek Shield

Jemmy was a senior student in the College late in the First Interval.


He was born in Tillek Hold into the Fishercraft. At fourteen he followed his brothers into training in the craft. He lasted only three voyages — he had good navigation but never got his 'sea legs' being sea sick most of the time.

His parents thought him to be retarded but Kizan, captain of the Fishing Fleet, had him sent on to the College. When he was tested, he was off the scale of aptitude test given to students.

At College He had won the long distances races during the games for the last three Turns. Lord Bastom was thinking he would come back to teach, but Clisser told him that he would provide a teacher. He re-created the slide rule and the Abacus.

Personality and traits

He was able to translate Earth into Pern. He wasn't a good teacher, but he ran several study groups, a jack of all trades. Able to fill in gaps made by bad coping.


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