Vital statistics
Title Dragonrider
Gender Female
Rank Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Tolarth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation High Reaches Weyr
Telgar Weyr
Spouse H'nez
First appearance Dragongirl

High Reaches Weyr Shield Telgar Weyr Shield

Jeila was a dragonrider at High Reaches Weyr and Telgar Weyr late in the Second Interval and early in the Third Pass. Her dragon was gold Tolarth.


Before Jeila was Searched, she was the daughter of Traders who hauled goods to Fire Hold.

Jeila's Tolarth came from the clutch Minith laid after receiving the cure for the Plague. Jeila and Tolarth spent three turns at High Reaches Weyr before moving to Telgar.

When Jeila became junior weyrwoman, she helped Fiona and Terin inject dragons with the cure for the Dragon Plague.

When Tolarth rose to mate, she was flown by Senior Wingleader H'nez' Ginirth, which Jeila had been hoping for and which H'nez reacted to with a nearly 'boyish glee'. Jeila soon became pregnant, but lost the baby when she fell from the queen's ledge.


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