Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Steward
Lady Holder
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Southern Boll Hold
First appearance Skies of Pern

Boll Shield

Janissian is the granddaughter of Lord Sangel and Lady Marella of Southern Boll Hold. She later becomes Lady Holder of Southern Boll following her grandfather's death.


As the granddaughter of Lord Sangel, Janissian descended from the Lord Holders of Southern Boll, becoming one of the few remaining descendants after a plague resulted in many deaths in the family. At some point, she studied at the school at Landing. She later served as Steward to her grandparents. When Southern Boll's Healer Hall was attacked during Turnover, Janissian would send the drum messages announcing the attack. Later on, she attended the Fireball Flood meeting as Sangel's representative, as Sangel was too old to travel by dragon. Her hard work in assisting with evacuations would be noted later on, in constrast to several cousins who had left quickly.

After Sangel's death, a Council meeting at Telgar Hold would determine his replacement. Janissian was presented as an option, being one of the few remaining members of the blood, as well as being well qualified. Though there were some people who objected to a Lady Holder, Janissian was elected overwhelmingly, becoming one of the few women to be Lady Holder in her own right.

Personality and traits

Jansissian is described as very capable and with good leadership qualities. After her election as Lady Holder of Southern Boll, she is described as giving an air of great dignity and accepting accolades calmly.


Additional Information

Real Life

Janissian is named for Janis Ian, a friend of Anne McCaffrey
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