Vital statistics
Gender Male
Dragon Green Qinth
Era Third Pass
Affiliation Traders
Eastern Weyr
Sky Weyr
Parent(s) Tenniz
Siblings Jirana
First appearance Dragon's Time

Trader BlankWeyr BlankWeyr

Jeriz, later J'riz, was a trader in the Third Pass. He Impressed green Qinth.


Jeriz was the son of Tenniz, but did not inherit his Sight. He became a helper to Fiona and went with her and the weyrlings to Eastern Weyr. When the combined clutches of the queens and greens began to hatch, they were attacked by tunnelsnakes and many of the eggs were destroyed. Jeriz helped one of the eggs that had been partially eaten by tunnelsnakes and rescued the hatchling inside, Impressing green Qinth. It turned out the tunnelsnakes had already started to gnaw on her and she was badly injured, with many doubting that she would even survive. She did recover, though, and J'riz Impressed the only green dragon to survive the Hatching.

Personality and traits

He was described as an attractive boy, with swarthy «trader» skin, unruly long black hair, and brilliant green eyes. He was considered a handful by Shaneese and took a while to warm up to people.


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