Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon brown Perinth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Fort Weyr
Igen Weyr
Eastern Weyr
Sky Weyr
Telgar Weyr
First appearance Dragonheart
Notable appearance Sky Dragons

Fort Weyr Shield Igen Weyr Shield

J'keran was a dragonrider at Fort Weyr, Igen Weyr and Eastern Weyr late in the Second Interval and at Sky Weyr and Telgar Weyr early in the Third Pass. His dragon was brown Perinth.

After being taken back in Time to Eastern Weyr with several weyrlings, J'per and J'keran, experienced brown riders, were taken forward in Time with Lorana and Fiona to Telgar Weyr in the present Turn. Then, after Xhinna created Sky Weyr and realized she needed help, J’per and J’keran volunteered to go back in Time to Sky Weyr. After they arrived, they were told that they would have to stay until the danger of jumping into the between "Time Knot" that D'gan had accidentally created had passed.

After he paired up with Taria and started drinking, J'keran and Xhinna had a violent disagreement during a hatching. When Xhinna tried to save the eggs from tunnel snakes, X'leran thought she was killing the eggs. The end result was that X'leran severely injured Xhinna with a knife. When Bekka examined what J'keran and Taria had been drinking (that had been brewed by J'keran), she discovered that the stuff was bad in small doses, dangerous in large ones and lethal if they’d drunk another bottle. And, until the effects wore off, the two of them were a danger to one and all.

After J'keran and Taria fled the camp, they developed other living quarters, which Xhinna's searches could not find. When Jirana disappeared from Sky Weyr, Xhinna took Bekka and J'riz to look for her, which led them to a huge cave, carved out of the face of the shoreline Turns back by the river that flowed idly from it. On landing, they heard a Mrreow’s roar and a child’s scream. After Xhinna sent Tazith back for help, she discovered eggs that were being attacked by tunnel snakes. While Xhinna was slicing at tunnel snakes, a huge male Mrreow flew over her, snagged her knife, yanking it from her hands even as its roar turned to a bellow of pain. After a struggle, Xhinna killed the Mrreow, only to discover that it was Taria's pet Razz, which had been trained to kill tunnel snakes.

After J'keran, Taria and Jirana were returned to Sky Weyr, and Jirana's severe injuries were treated, Xhinna assigned J’keran to guard Jirana, saying, “If she dies, you die.” Earlier, Xhinna had limited her revenge to a swift kick where it hurt the most, followed by a double-fisted blow to his chin as he collapsed. After he awakened to find a knife pointed at his neck, he declared, "“Wingleader, I have struck another in anger; my life is forfeit.” To which, Xhinna's reply was, "Your life is forfeit. You live for the Weyr now. You may not drink again unless the Weyrleader gives leave.” Near the end of their time at Sky Weyr, Xhinna told J'keran, “Your duty’s done. You have earned back your honor and your life. With the Weyrleader’s permission, I’d be honored to have you fly with us.”


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