Ivan Chernoff
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Colonist
Mining Engineer
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Spouse Dasha Chernoff
Children Jacob Chernoff
Tarrie Chernoff
Peter Chernoff
Martha Chernoff
First appearance Dragonsdawn

BlankHold Fort Shield Technician Miner

Ivan Chernoff was a colonist on Pern. He was the quartermaster in charge of removing goods from the colony ships during landing. His wife was Dasha Chernoff. They had several children, including Jacob, Tarrie, Peter and Martha.

After the first Threadfall, he helped make a container to hold the captured Thread specimen.


According to Sallah Telgar, Ivan was a scrounger. The pilots of the ship gave him the nickname of "Ivan the Terrible".


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