Ita Fusaiyuki
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Charter Member
Era First Pass
Affiliation Honshu Stake
Spouse Kenjo Fusaiyuki
Children Shensu Fusaiyuki
Chio Fusaiyuki
Jiro Fusaiyuki
Kimo Fusaiyuki
First appearance Dragonsdawn


Ita Fusaiyuki was a colonist on Pern.


Ita came to Pern aboard the Buenos Aires and lived on Irish Square.

She married Kenjo Fusaiyuki, and after his death she became the partner of Stev Kimmer. Kenjo fathered her children Shenso, Chio, Jiro and Kimo.


Oddly, Ita Fusaiyuki's name has been different in every book she has been mentioned in; in Dragonsdawn she was referred to as "Ika Fusaiyuki", in "Rescue Run" she was referred to as "Ito Fusaiyuki", and in Skies of Pern she was referred to as "Ita Fusaiyuki". Due to it being the most recent variation of the name, «Ita» is the name used by this wiki.


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