Igen Caverns were located in Igen.

Background and History

It is a very large wind and sand carved stone system, near Igen Hold, its near the Igen River, but unlike the Hold Proper, its not standing high above the floodplain, for the river. Many Holdless shelter there. All type of information finds its way there. The Lilcamp Traders started their route from there.

During the day Lady Doris would come with the hold healers, to give out rations of flour and root vegetables, the more able one hunted wild game, and brought back shellfish from the mud flats to share out to others.

There are young skybroom sapling growing on the outside, Dowell used his skill with being a wood smith, to buy an alcove for his family, were he lock up his dray beast yoke to a stalagmite, they were pastured to the south of the cave. Which was cooler in the summer heat, and warmer in the winter, it was a long way to the main entrance to the wind and sand carved opening, the rest of the family belongs were stored in locking chest.

MasterMiner Nicat walked the caverns looking for folks to help put projects, and MasterSmith Fandarel was thinking of a needed workforce. For making the communicator, he gifted one the Benden Weyrleaders.



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