Idarolan from "Board Game Dragonriders of of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Masterfisher
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Fishercraft
Spouse Lissala
First appearance The Masterharper of Pern


Idarolan was Masterfisher of the Fishercraft during the Eighth Interval and Ninth Pass.


Idarolan was born in Tillek Hold at the Fishercrafthall. He rose through the ranks of the Fishercraft to become Captain of the Wave Eater, with his wife Lissala as his First Mate. He eventually became Masterfisher.

Following Robinton's retirement to Cove Hold, Idarolan would bring Robinton south aboard the Dawn Sister. Soon after arrival, the wild fire lizards come and help defend the ship from thread. The residents of Cove Hold are in need of food so the Dawn Sister goes fishing and comes back with full load of fish.

Idarolan would prove to be a supporter of AIVAS. Though the Fishercraft did not benefit to the extent that other crafts did, he was particularly pleased with having accurate maps. He enjoyed reading the logs of Jim Tillek, and AIVAS and wanting to work with shipfish (dolphins). Idarolan became worried following the death of Oterel, as he feared that he would be taxed heavily should Blesserel succeed him. He was ecstatic following the announcement of Ranrel as Tillek's Lord Holder, though by this time he was heavily drunk. Following Robinton's abduction, Idarolan would participate in the judgment of the crafters involved. He would be particularly incensed by the fact that Gomalsi, who had not training in sailing, had planned to captain the vessel that would have abducted Robinton.

By The Skies of Pern he is retired to Nerat Hold, but is willing to aid wherever his skills are needed. During the Fireball Flood, he arrived at Landing to assist in planning evacuations, and had already made a number of maps to locate areas of safety. He would be present when a group of dragonriders arrived to inform Toric of the crisis, as Toric respected him and would not have protested against him as with the dragonriders.

Personality and traits

He is an open minded person who understands that some of his folks are quite hidebound, like Yanus, who trains good fisher folks. He is willing to listen to others, and is willing to listen to newly recovered information to improve his craft. He also was known for working hard to keep the craft members of his hall in line. He was noted to be extremely popular, and thus his unusual inebriation at Tillek's Conclave was tolerated.


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