Iantine called Ian
BC HB-US Dragonsye Ian
Iantine is Drawing the setting of the Star Stone at Telgar Wyer
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Jouneyman Artist
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Benden Hold
College / Hall Domaize
Bitra Hold
Telgar Weyr
Spouse Debera
First appearance Dragonseye / Red Star Rising

Harper Benden Shield Bitra Shield Telgar Weyr Shield

Iantine was an Artist specializing in portraiture during the First Interval - Second Pass. He was trained at Hall Domaize in Keroon Hold.


Iantine was raised in a mountain sheephold in Benden Hold. At an early age, he showed great talent for academics and sketching, and as a result was sent to the College despite his family's limited resources. His abilities in drawing portraits were immediately recognized and fostered by Master Clisser, and later, Master Domaize, with whom he completed his diploma. While half his tuition was paid for by Benden's Lord and Lady, Iantine's family had to sacrifice to pay the rest, including transfer fees associated with his family's land. In order to repay his family, Iantine accepted a commission for some miniatures from Lord Chalkin, despite dire warnings he received about the Bitran leader and his Hold. As he was warned, Iantine was treated badly at Bitra and barely escaped with his due payment. Unfortunatly, he contracted mountain fever but was rescued by P'tero nursed back to health at Telgar Weyr.

He stayed on at Telgar Weyr in part due to K'vin and Zulaya, as the pair decided to have the young artist paint portraits of themselves. Leopol a young weyrbrat, is tasked in helping Iantine. While he was staying, he got to know a new young greenrider, Debera. The two soon became romantically involved.

He traded with Master Jol for ink, pens, pencls and paper, He also recalled the boiled sweets too, the fruity kind that were so common in Nerat, that were pass out during his childhood, by the Benden Trader Group 

Iantine's drawings and sketches were instrumental in the trials related to the atrocities committed on the refugees from Bitra as well as in the impeachment of Lord Chalkin. For he had learned the basic of architect drawing, and was able to make a map of the hold, with input from the teacher Issony, who said he couldn't do what he is doing.

Personality and traits

He learned about 'real live' beyond the 'contacts' at Bitra Hold. He learned to be a very patient person, he recalled classes at Hall Domaize learning how to mix paint, make the special paint used for mural work, Lesnour had created a glossary of pigment found around Pern, he used it at Bitra Hold, to save himself room and board while waiting for the children to get over their childhood illness and saw what happen without that training in Telgar Weyr with folks there traded the skill with the Weyr Artist


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