Vital statistics
Title Holder
Gender Male
Rank Holder
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation High Reaches Hold
Southern Hold
Key Largo Hold
Parent(s) Bargen
Siblings Unnamed in book
First appearance The Dolphins of Pern
Notable appearance The Skies of Pern

High Reaches Shield Southern Shield BlankHold

Hosbon is the fourth son of Lord Bargen of High Reaches Hold


He learned to work hard first from his father, and then in Southern Hold, he started a hold on what was the site of Key Largo Stake, after it and other sites were showing up after the bad bad blow Equinox Storm, that the dolphins reported, and large areas were spotted by dragonrider doing sweeps, K'van reported to F'lar and Lessa, using a variation on the ploy he used in the beginning of the Pass, he had a Weyrleader, a Lord Holder check the sites, and transport the workmen back to Southern Hold, and the queens sent the just sailed ships back. He was the one that told, them about payment for all stuff, and more, F'lar said they knew were he was, if proved then be their own hold free and clear.

Later on he was mention by High Reaches Weyr Weyrleaders, that wanted to step down. after the Fireball Flooding in Skies of Pern.


Additional Information

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