Fort Weyr Shield

Holth was a gold dragon in the Sixth Pass. Her rider was Leri.


Holth was the oldest queens at Fort Weyr, she has aged with time like her rider Leri and is almost bronze in color. Her mind voice is deep and rich and tired as her rider said, older dragons can glide just from the shoulders and some fine control is lost, along with spring in her high quarter

She showed Moreta, what happen to Tamianth and her rider the Thread been getting ready to sear, and blunder into a updraft, it hitting her wing, and shoulder, and her riders' leg. Cross-Over and trying to aid the wings. Hoth to Moreta.

She and the other dragons lock their will to hold Tamianth, while in great pain.

Later on she used her ledge, while Moreta returned to fix her wing.

Personality and traits

She and her rider may have retired from being Senior Weyrwoman, but they can still act with power.

She thought that watch-whers were all dumb, and did not have any information about illness in the Holds.


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