Holdless was a term that was applied to anyone who did not reside in a hold, hall or weyr. This included traders, who were holdless by choice, as well as Shunned, who were holdless as punishment.


Third Pass

As the Third Pass approached, Masterharper Murenny and Master Harper Zist worried about the Holdless problem with the imminent approach of Thread. They were afraid that the Holdless and Shunned would resort to desperate means to gain shelter against Thread.

Eighth Interval

Several holders became Holdless when Fax began his conquest of several holds. This included Dowell and his family.

When Thella of Telgar Hold was denied the title of Lady Holder after her father's death, she left the hold and acquired a band of Holdless, who stole what they needed to set up their own shelter. Thella called herself "Lady Holdless".

Ninth Pass

Menolly was holdless for a short time after leaving Half-Circle Sea Hold and before she ended up at Benden Weyr and the Harper Hall. Piemur was holdless when he ended up in the Southern Continent.

Many Holdless were housed in the caves of Igen.

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