Healer Hall at Fort Hold is a Major hall for Healercraft.

Major Hall

The Healer Hall serves as the main provider of medical care on Pern. They maintain halls and healers in most of Pern, though the main Hall is located in Fort Hold.

The main diagnostic center and surgical hospital was in Landing, until, partway through the ninth year of the colony, all the main hospital functions were moved up to Fort Hold. A doctor and at least a couple of nurses were assigned to each of the southern stakeholds, but each of these had other jobs, as well. Anyone who suffered from a condition that his local doctor could not handle was sledded in to Landing. All the training facilities were maintained in the centers.

At present, the Healercrafthall, too, occupies part of the Harper Hall. Over the long history of Pern, it has occupied several different locations as need dictated. It made the greatest sense, as Pernese became more spread out over the smaller Northern Continent, to base the healers where requests for their assistance could be relayed the most quickly.

Minor Halls

Almost all holds have healers. However, they almost never engage in targeted study of craft and the development of new technologies of treatment.

Benden Hold had hospital facilities when it started out, but those shrank down to a few healers who sent their difficult cases, and their apprentices, back to Fort.

Southern Telgar Hold has a Healer Hall almost as big as the main Hall in Fort Hold. It is in a separate building near the Hold. The Master-healer oversees a broad training program in pediatrics and geriatrics. Apprentice healers and nurses can begin their instruction here before taking their journeymen's examinations in Fort. The climate is warm enough to make use of the mineral springs all year round, for the relief of joint ailments suffered by many of the Hall's elderly patients.

Other known crafters

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