The Headwoman is a very important person who assists in overseeing the domestic responsibilities of a Weyr, Hold or Hall.

Description and Duties

A Headwoman oversees the day to day domestic operations of a Hall, Weyr or Hold. In a Weyr, the Headwoman will be chosen by the Weyrwoman, who oversees the domestic responsibilities of the Weyr, and serves as the Weyrwoman's primary assistant. The Headwoman typically supervises the Lower Caverns. She is in charge of the cook staff, the cleaning staff, maintenance staff and the fostering staff. The headwoman will make regular reports to the Weyrwoman as needed, such as the level of food supplies.

In the Holds and Halls, the Headwoman works under the supervision of the Lady Holder or the Hall's Master and is directly responsible for food, clothing, healing, and maintenance of the dwellings. The Headwoman will supervise the Drudges of the Hold or Hall.

Known Headwomen

First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass

Second Interval/Third Pass

Sixth Pass

Eighth Interval


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