The Hatching Ground was the part of a Weyr where the queen dragons lay their eggs.

The first artificial Hatching Ground was set up in Landing for the first engineered dragon eggs. The scientists responsible for creating the eggs transferred the eggs to the Hatching Ground from the laboratories.

Hatching Grounds in Weyrs were usually a very large, enclosed space attached to the ground level of the Weyr bowl with heated sands on which the eggs lay until Hatching. There was usually enough room for other dragons to enter and watch a Hatching from above, and for spectators to come and view hatchings. A queen would usually not leave the Hatching Grounds for long when she had a clutch there, except to hunt for food.

The sand of Fort Weyr's Hatching Ground was heated by careful piping of heat from a magma chamber beneath the weyr, a system designed by Egend Raghir during the First Pass.

In the Ninth Pass, some of the banished Oldtimers sneaked into Benden Weyr's Hatching Grounds to steal one of Ramoth's queen eggs while she was out hunting.

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