Harper Hall at Fort Hold is a Major hall for Harpercraft.

Major Hall

The Harper Hall is located at Fort Hold, the first Hold established in the northern hemisphere after the Second Crossing. It was initially known as the College, and was the central training point for medical and teaching personnel.


First Pass / First Interval / Second Pass

Harper Hall

Second Interval / Third Pass
Sixth Pass
Eighth Interval / Ninth Pass

Minor Halls

Hall Domaize — large barn of a building in Keroon Hold, they season their own wood, for Portraiture. Using Skybroom tree/wood: tree from which skybroom wood comes. Skybroom wood was expensive. It was preferred in the making of panels for paintings, you can remove unwanted images from them, They had to be very thin, and well seasoned to handle the dampness.

There is a book that was created by Lesnour

Part of the training is knowing learning of names of important persons at every Hold, Weyr and Hall

Hall in Ista Hold — the Ista Island is the site of the great harpers' enclave at Turnover Gather. One of the Lord Holders had a huge Harper Hall built in Ista for the sake of his Lady wife, a journeywoman harper with whom he fell in love. For her sake, he determined to make their Hall «the next center of the Harpercraft», a rival center for music. Ista only has two or three harpers at a time, who rattle around like beans in the big, echoing, empty Hall. There is rarely need for more than a voice Master, an instrument Master, and their apprentices. In all its history, it was never packed to the brim until the idea was proposed to hold Turnover Gather in it.

Other known crafters

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