A Harper is a craftsperson that is part historian, teacher, communicator and diplomat. Harpers are usually skilled musicians and are trained in the composition of ballads. Their interactions with the people of pern are primarily as teachers, but the journeymen and masters are also relied upon to provide sound counsel and advice to the leaders of both Weyr and Hold. The Harper Hall, located in Fort Hold, is the training center for the craft.

Under the leadership of the MasterHarper, such as MasterHarper Robinton of the Ninth Pass, the harpers utilise music as a teaching tool and are sent out to all Holds and Crafthalls to provide training. Being spread throughout the various settlements, harpers see and hear much, and report back to the Harper Hall.[1]

The Master Rank stone was a Sapphire.[2]

A Harper can specialize in one of several other «sub-crafts». If this happens, the person is still part of the Harper organization, but they take on the title of their «sub-craft» as follows:

  • Scribe
  • Singer
  • Drummer
  • Composer
  • Spy

and ect.

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