Vital statistics
Title Master Smith
Plastic Smith
Gender Male
Rank Master Smith
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation High Palisades Hold
Southern Hold
Parent(s) Not Mentioned in book
Siblings Brever, Toric, Kevelon, Murda, Sharra
First appearance The Renegades of Pern
Notable appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

High Palisades Southern Shield Smith Plastic

Hamian was a Master Smith in the Ninth Pass. He would later be responsible for reviving the Plasticcraft.


Hamian was the younger brother of Toric and Sharra, and was from High Palisades Hold of the coast of Ista Island. He eventually joined the Smithcraft.

Hamian would travel to the Southern Continent alongside Toric to establish Southern Hold. He would return to the north after three years to obtain his Mastery. After doing so, he returned to Southern Hold by means of Master Rampesi's Bay Lady, bringing with him a Master Miner and some journeymen to work the mines at the hold. He would later take Piemur with him to map the hold site and land route to the mine.

Some time later, Hamian was informed about AIVAS by his sister, Sharra. He would come to AIVAS, but was held out by rank-happy Esselin. Following the appointment of Robinton, D'ram and Lytol as AIVAS's Warders, Hamian was able to get in. He would express an interest in creating Plastic, as well as the education necessary. He would go on to found the Plasticcraft, and his materials would be used in a major docking renovation at Tillek Hold.


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