Vital statistics
Title Wing-Second
Gender Male
Rank Wing-Second
Dragon Bronze Kerth
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Telgar Weyr
First appearance Dragonquest
Notable appearance Dragonquest

Telgar Weyr Shield

H'ages was Wingsecond at Telgar Weyr. His dragon was bronze Kerth.


When Telgar Weyrleader R'mart was injured in Threadfall, Bedella, his Weyrwoman, overdosed him with fellis juice and neglected to inform the other Weyrs of his injury, causing confusion when R'mart missed several Councils. H'ages reportedly heard her saying she'd sent word to the other Weyrs, but neglected to check.

Personality and traits

G'narish, Weyrleader of Igen Weyr, thought he was a «sound enough rider», but that he lacked initiative.


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