Gunnar Schultz
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Dolphineer
Era First Pass
Affiliation Paradise River Hold
Fort Sea Hold
First appearance "The Dolphins' Bell"

Dolphineer Paradise River Shield Fort Shield

Gunnar Schultz was a colonist on Pern. He was a dolphineer.


Gunnar was one of the dolphineers that answered the red alert recall sequence that Jim Tillek rang on the big bell at Monaco Bay. The red recall was initiated to request assistance with the evacuation of Landing during the volcanic eruptions.

During the Second Crossing, Gunnar was seriously injured rescuing survivors from a major storm. Maximilian beached himself getting Gunnar ashore for medical help.

The exact relationship between all the mentioned Schultz is unknown. Anna Schultz and Gunnar can be both spouses, and brother and sister. Max Schultz, Emily Schultz and «the two younger Schultz» may be the children of one of them or their common.

Appearance and Traits


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