These were the people that got Thread that made to the ground, and made sure that no was missed using flamethrower, fire lizards and grubs, and sandworms. 

First Falls, Before Second Crossing

Sean Connell and Sorka Hanrahan where two of the best at organized the fire lizards, and after they impressed Cabot Francis Carter spoke highly of them.

Paul Benden spotted them fighting and didn't know the Runnerbeast/horses hate fire.

Fort Hold

Management of crews, Red Hanrahan, found out from Sean Connell, that Thread was due early, on the evening that Alianne Zuilieta a queenrider, and one of the first dragonriders - died in childbirth and her dragon, gold Chereth, went Between, he asked about groundcrews, Sean said just get thing all under cover see The Ford of Red Hanrahan, short story.

This set up by Hold, Hall, and Weyr. when fall fall over. After the Second Crossing, the Smithcrafthall provide equipment,and tanks, as part of their public duty, but the Chief Engineer), said that the Chalkin hasn't informed his holders about Thread, or set up crews, or pay for the equipment

"Queens' wing" which fly below the fighting wings with flamethrowers to char any Thread that the wings above may have missed.

Checking In - Traditional

The Queens' wing, check in with crew leaders, on the ground. but they joined the other that day.

During the Sixth Pass Leri would stay on her Holth, to receive reports.


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