Groghe and Merga from "The People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Fort Hold
Spouse Lady Benoria
Parent(s) Lord Grogellan and Lady Winalla
Children twins Haligon and Horon
Benelek, Benis
(15 sons and many daughters)
Fire-lizard(s) Gold Merga
First appearance Dragonflight
Notable appearance The Masterharper of Pern

Fort Shield Tillek Shield

Groghe was Lord Holder of Fort Hold during the end of the Eighth Interval and and beginning of the Ninth Pass. He was the third son of Lord Grogellan and had a gold Fire Lizard Merga. He also had many children, including seventeen sons by his wife Benoria.


Eighth Interval

Groghe was the third son of Lord Grogellan and Lady Winalla. In his earliest appearance, he was accompanied by then-Journeyman Robinton, to arbitrate between two holders on the border between Fort and Tillek. After solving the problem successfully, he went on to Tillek Hold, where he shared both room and Steward tasks with Oterel, the oldest son of Lord Melongel.

Groghe returned to Fort Hold after his father was found to be suffering from an untreated appendix. Having seen the required surgery done at Tillek Hold, Groghe attempted to convince his mother to agree to the treatment. Despite Groghe's attempt to back the then-Masterhealer Ginia and Journeyman Oldive, Groghe's father died of the ailment, as Groghe's mother believed that surgery was mutilation. Groghe was confirmed as Grogellan's successor by the Conclave of Lord Holders.[1] After Fax took over Ruatha Hold, Groghe was one of several Lord Holders who began guarding his borders. He eventually married Benoria, and had many children.

Ninth Pass

During the Ninth Pass, Groghe was one of many people who was not pleased with the Oldtimers' protection seven Turns after they came forward. He came to be a firm supporter of Benden Weyr and their leadership, publicly proclaiming such after F'lar, Benden's Weyrleader, was forced to defeat T'ron, Fort's Weyrleader, in a duel. During a meeting following the Oldtimer's exile, Groghe obtained a fire lizard egg from a clutch F'nor found. Groghe impressed the hatchling, a gold, and named her Merga. Over time, however, Groghe became one of the most forceful supporters of a plan to travel to the Red Star to fight thread. When such an expedition proved near fatal to F'nor, Groghe reluctantly shelved the idea. However, he remained resistant to the idea of grubs protecting the Northern Continent, due to his preference to fight threats head on.


From "Dragonriders of Pern" Boardgame © 1983 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.

Despite this, Groghe became a firm supporter of AIVAS in its plan to eliminate thread. He was among the first Lord Holders to encounter the artificial intelligence following its discovery. His son Benelek, distinguished himself by being elected first master of the Technical Hall. At a Council Meeting, Groghe supported Ranrel as Lord Oterel's successor, and pledged to support him. He was also present at a Hatching a Benden Weyr, where his daughter was standing as a candidate, and comforted her when she was unsuccessful. Following the capture of conspirators who attempted to kidnap and ransom Robinton in exchange for AIVAS's destruction, Groghe participated in the trial. Alongside the other Lord Holders, he voted to strip Lord Holders Sigomal and Begamon of their titles and exile them.

Some years later, Fort's Healer Hall was attacked at turnover by a group of Abominators. As resident Lord Holder, Groghe oversaw the capture and imprisonment of the captured conspirators. He was extremely angry at the attempt, though he took time to mock them in front of the assembled crowds. At a brief meeting following the attack, Groghe supported a punishment of exile for convicted Abominators. It was later noted that his dedication to eliminating Abominators in his hold led him to assume that many events were their fault. He later helped send aid to damaged Holds following the Fireball Flood.


Groghe was noted by many to be a man who preferred to face challenges head on, rather than hide in his hold. For this reason, he supported a direct trip to the Red Star early in the pass; but, he did not like the idea of protection by grubs. Despite this, he was a forward thinking man, becoming a supporter of AIVAS and its plan to eliminate thread. He also despised Abominators, and was noted to be determined to eliminate them. He was also legendary for his vitality, which was noted in the The Skies of Pern as beginning to fade.


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