Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Masterfisher
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Fishercraft
Tillek Hold
Children Vesna
First appearance The Masterharper of Pern

Fisher Tillek Shield

Gostol was a Masterfisher in the Eighth Interval.


He was the Captain of the Northern Maid, which was the length of a queen dragon. His ship brought the Istan holders to the Harper Hall during the problems with Halanna's drum message to her father Halibran.

Personality and traits

He would follow the shipfish and give them something from each net. He told Robinton that the same shipfish seemed to swim in the water he fished. He then pointed out one he called Scarface. But, he did not make the connection that they can «talk» or «sing». When Robinton asked Gostol if the shipfish were singing, Gostol said, "“Naw, just the sounds they make, shooting the air out of them blowholes.”

During the fishing trip in which Gostol's daughter Vesna was going for her second's ticket onboard the Northern Maid, Kasia shipped out on the same voyage, as galley cook and companion.


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