Vital statistics
Title Holder
Gender Male
Rank Holder
Exile - Shunned (No Weyr/Hold/Hall)
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Bitra Hold
Parent(s) Sigomal
Siblings Sousmal
First appearance All the Weyrs of Pern
Notable appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

Bitra Shield

Gomalsi was the second son of Lord Sigomal.


Gomalsi was part of the bloodline of the Lord Holders of Bitra. After the discovery of AIVAS, Gomalsi, like his father Sigomal, became one of its detractors. With his father's support, Gomalsi would lead an attack on the batter packs that supplied AIVAS with power.

When that effort proved unable to stop AIVAS, Gomalsi became part of a plot to kidnap and ransom retired Masterharper Robinton. Gomalsi would commission an unusual cart designed to hide the kidnapped Masterharper. After the kidnapping took place, Gomalsi acted as captain of a small ship which would take Robinton to Nerat Hold, despite the fact that he had no qualifications.

After Robinton's rescue by dragonriders, Gomalsi was put on trial alongside the other conspirators. Sigomal would attempt to distance himself, but Gomalsi would angrily contradict his father, implicating them both. Gomalsi was found guilty and stripped of his rank, both for kidnapping Robinton and offending the Fishercrafthall by setting himself as a captain without qualifications. Gomalsi and the other conspirators were exiled to an unknown island in the Eastern Ring.

Personality and traits

Gomalsi was one of a small group of people who distrusted AIVAS and its technological advances, a belief he shared with his father, Sigomal. Gomalsi was obedient to his father's orders to this regard, though he became angered when Sigomal attempted to put the blame on Gomalsi.

He listened to his father, and was the one to try and stop the work being done.


Additional Information

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