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Golanth was a bronze dragon Impressed to F'lessan at Benden Weyr in the Ninth Pass.


Golanth hatched from one of Mnementh and Ramoth's clutches, impressing F'lessan. Golanth and F'lessan were later noted to be an excellently matched pair and both excelled at weyrling training. When F'lessan was sixteen, he urged Golanth to participate in the mating flight of a junior queen. Two years later, the pair were made wingleaders of a new wing at Benden Weyr.

After the discovery of AIVAS, Golanth listened in as his rider took advanced classes, though it was not always interesting. He later remembered a lesson on aerodynamics as the pair explored the Southern Continent in search of a new weyr location. This trip led to the discovery of Honshu, which F'lessan later claimed as his own.

Some years later, Golanth participated in the mass evacuation of Pern's coastlines after a fireball impacted and caused a tsunami. Though many dragons and their riders performed heroic feats, Golanth was especially noted for rescuing Binness, a sea holder, from certain death by timing the rescue of his own accord. During this time, Golanth also became close to Zaranth, a green dragon from Monaco Bay Weyr. After mating with her during a flight, the two dragons and their riders became weyrmates.

Golanth and Zaranth discovered that dragons could use telekinesis as a conscious ability. This ability proved useful when both were attacked by felines. Unable to defend themselves, Zaranth taught the dragons arriving to help how to use telekinesis, while Golanth showed Ramoth how to time one of her attacks to prevent an otherwise fatal injury from reaching Golanth. Though Golanth did not die, his injuries were crippling, rendering him partially blind and unable to fly. While Golanth was unable to fight Thread, the discovery of telekinesis offered a brighter future for the injured dragon.

Personality and traits

As a bronze dragon, Golanth was very clever, having discovered how to use timing to prevent danger. He also sometimes listened in on lessons AIVAS gave to his rider. He was noted to be well-matched with F'lessan, and the two were very close. He has some skill with the newly discovered ability of telekinesis, having practiced alongside Zaranth. After he was attacked by felines, he was rendered partially blind with a permanently injured wing, preventing him from flying Thread.


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