Glasscrafthall at Ista Hold is a Major hall for Glasscraft.

Major Hall

Description of the Major Hall, including lists of famous Masters, Journeyman and apprentices of craft.

Minor Halls

Southern Boll Hold — boasts the presence of the secondary Glasscrafthall. The Mastersmith, to whom Glassmaster Arkeli looks, lauds the high quality of the fine sands that line Southern Boll's beaches. Glassblowing and ceramics are taught here. Apprentice jars and bottles can be distinguished from those journeyman-made by the concentration of pale green tint, showing impurities in the glass. Well-blown glass is perfectly clear. Colored sand is sometimes used to produce tinted glass, as are certain metals, to create what Terrans refer to as cobalt, cranberry, and ruby glass. Carnival glass is made on occasion, as are leaded crystal and plate glass.

High Reaches Hold — has a glass-smith's shop, which, besides the usual custom necessary for a Hold's operation, does quite a good business in bottles and jugs.

Tillek Hold — in Dragondex of Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern it is mentioned that the Master Clargesh was from this Hold. In his hall, the apprentices produced so many bottles that he has filled them all the nearest holds.

Landing — in the Ninth Pass there was organized a hall where glass was produced using the latest technologies of AIVAS.

Other known crafters

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