Benden Weyr Shield

Gereth was a green dragon at Benden Weyr (described as a «dainty green beauty») at the beginning of the Ninth Pass. Her rider was B'fol.


When Benden Weyr first rose to fight Thread, Gereth was the worst injured; one of her wings was «shredded to bare cartilage», and she was unable to bend it. Lessa noted she'd be out of duty for several weeks.

Gereth and B'fol were the watchpair at Benden Weyr the night before F'lar and Lessa travelled to Landing for an early morning meeting with AIVAS, regarding their next move in the plan to destroy Thread once and for all. Lessa discovered that Gereth and B'fol had fallen asleep on duty, and F'lar sent Mnementh to wake them by roaring at them, causing Gereth to squeal as she woke. Mnementh remarked they wouldn't repeat their mistake — Lessa noted they were «well enough on in turns not to be delinquent» — and F'lar planned to punish them further by making them handle Firestone sacks in the next Fall.


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