Vital statistics
Title Masterharper
Gender Male
Rank Master Harper
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Harper Hall
Spouse Betrice
Children Five unnamed in book
First appearance The Masterharper of Pern
Notable appearance The Masterharper of Pern


Gennell was MasterHarper of the Harpercraft in the Eighth Interval, preceding Robinton. He had a wife, Betrice, and five unnamed sons.


Gennell would rise through the ranks to become the elected craftmaster of the Harper Hall. He would first meet Robinton when the young boy met dragons for the first time. He would later send Petiron and his small family to fulfil a teaching contract in Southern Boll, near Merelan's family hold, as a way to allow Merelan to recover her health. Later on, Gennell, alongside Merelan and the rest of the hall, was largely responsible for Robinton's education. Gennell would later assign Merelan to Benden Hold, as a way to get her and Robinton away from Petiron. He would report the decision to Petiron, noting that it was Merelan's right to have her son until he became old enough to be an apprentice.

During Robinton's apprenticeship, he would conspire to ensure that Robinton was kept away from his perfectionist father, and would later promote Robinton to Journeyman at an extremely young age. After Robinton achieved his Mastery, Gennell often sent Robinton on various errands, as his eyes and ears. As Gennell aged, he had come to see Robinton as a successor, noting that he was young and energetic, and that he understood the dangers posed by Fax. Gennell announced his decision to the other Masters, who supported the decision. In one of his last acts, Gennell and Robinton would travel to Fort Hold, to try to convince Lasy Winalla to allow surgery on her husband, Lord Holder Grogellan, but the attempt was unsuccessful and Grogellan would die. Gennell himself would die the winter following Groghe's confirmation as Lord Holder in place of his father. Robinton would be confirmed unanimously by the remaining Master Harpers.

Appearance, personality and traits

Gennell was an extremely knowledgable Harper, and could reputedly craft any instrument. He had an important influence on Robinton, helping to oversee the boy's education. He understood the planet-wide needs of Pern, and made it a priority that his successor should do the same. He was one of the few to see and understand the threat Fax posed. He had a caring relationship with his wife, Betrice, and noted that he didn't have the same heart for his work following her death.


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