A gather was a festival that was usually held by a Lord Holder. During a Pass, gathers were held on restdays when no Thread was due to fall.

Crafters brought things to sell or trade; sometimes there were races of runnerbeasts; harpers attended and provided music for singing and dancing; the host Lord Holder provided food for everyone.


Gathers differed from Lord Holder to Lord Holder. In Igen Hold, the hot weather made for less activity during the day, but things picked up in the evening when the temperature was cooler. In Ruatha Hold, runnerbeast races were held at gathers. At Bitra Hold, gambling was prevalent at gathers.


First Pass

The first gather was held on a day free from Thread when the Landing leadership realized that people needed a celebration. Zi Ongola was the first one to use the term "gather".

Sixth Pass

Near the end of the Sixth Pass, both Ruatha Hold and Ista Hold held gathers on the same day. Unfortunately, this meant that the disease from the feline that was brought to Ista spread to Ruatha due to several people visiting both gathers.

Ninth Pass

In the Ninth Pass, Bubbly Pies, a favorite of Piemur, were often served at gathers. When Piemur attended a gather at Meron's Nabol Hold, he noticed that Meron didn't allow his drudges to attend the gather, unlike Groghe of Fort.


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