Vital statistics
Title Teacher
Gender Male
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation College
First appearance Red Star Rising/Dragonseye

Harper Scribe

Gardner was a member of the College late in the First Interval.


He specialized in the drawing up of legal contracts and land deeds. One of his responsibilities was to set up contracts for the teachers at College. He made sure that everything complied with Sallisha's wishes as regards conditions for her contract at Nerat South.

Personality and traits

He had not been very enthusiastic about representing both the Bitra defendants who were accused of raping pregnant women and the Bitra defendants accused of “allegedly causing grievous bodily harm and death” to five innocent men and women; but, he recognized the necessity of representation and did his best. In the end, he managed one small concession for Morinst and other accused: the right to be returned to their Contract Hold, following the trial, rather than have to make their own way back to Bitra.


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