Vital statistics
Title Miner
Gender Male
Rank Miner
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Miner's Hold
Parent(s) Boris
First appearance Dragonseye/Red Star Rising

Miner BlankHold

Ganmar was a holder in Telgar at the end of the First Interval. His father was Boris.


Boris had an agreement with Tashvi of Telgar to set up a mining site. He also had an agreement with Lavel under which Ganmar would marry Lavel's daughter Debera and they would help with the mine. Boris, Ganmar and Lavel followed Debera to Telgar Weyr when she fled there after being Searched. Tashvi and the Telgar Weyrleaders would not allow Ganmar and Boris to take Debera back with him after she impressed.


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