Pern had a wide variety of plant life, but when the colonists came, they also brought their own food. Here are some of the various plants on Pern. It should be noted that most of the native plants grow bigger and therefore, more useful, in the southern continent.

Native Plantlife

  • Fellis trees grow in the north and the south of Pern. A special juice can be made from fellis trees, which is used as a soporific drug.
  • Numbweed is a bush that grows in large clumps. The plant is used to make a gel that deadens the pain of small wounds completely, and dulls large wounds. The downside is that it takes three days to make numbweed, and this is a very smelly process.
  • Needlethorns are bushes that, as their name suggests, have sharp thorns. These thorns are used as needles in medicine. Needlethorns grow in lush, tropical rainforests.
  • Klah trees are an important part of the pernese lifestyle. The bark of the klah tree can be ground to make a drink, described by the EEC team as like coffee, with a faint flavour of cinnamon and with an aftertaste of chocolate.
  • The redfruit tree is a tree that has a delicious red fruit, which is good for quenching thirst.
  • Withies are an aquatic reed found in the rivers of the Northern Continent.

Imported Plantlife

  • Ash Tree was imported to Pern - Seen in Dragonlovers Guide to Pern
  • Garlic first made its apperance on Pern in the novel Dragonheart.
  • Like Garlic, Onions also made their first appearance in Dragonheart.
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