Fishercrafthall at Tillek Hold is a Major hall for Fishercraft.

Major Hall

Description of the Major Hall, including lists of famous Masters, Journeyman and apprentices of craft.

Immediately after the founding of Tillek Hold, he became the center of the sea craft and was even named after the chief seaman of the colonists, Jim Tillek. Throughout history, the Main Hall of the fishermen's shop was located right here. Only in the middle of the Ninth Pass, when Landing was re-opened and the settlement in the Monaco Bay was restored, Master Idarolan decided to move the Main Hall to the Monaco Bay Hold.

Minor Halls

Very many holds are engaged in fishing. However, they almost never engage in targeted study of craft and the development of new production technologies, fishing only for food.

High Reaches Hold — is also well-known for its skill at shipbuilding, second only to Tillek Hold. The holders bend timbers and dress wood in the waters north of the Hold and ship numbered and measured lengths of seasoned wood from the flat oval caverns under the Hold intended for assembly elsewhere. During much of the year, the bay is scoured clean of sand and weed by the icy northern waters, leaving it deep and clear, safe for any ship that comes so far north.

Monaco Bay Hold — after Landing, Monaco Bay Stake was the main port. During the Second Crossing it moved to Fort Sea Hold. In the Ninth Pass, the settlement was rebuilt by Master Idarolan as the new Main Hall.

Half-Circle Sea Hold — a large hold, in which, in addition to fishing, are engaged in shipbuilding.

Other known crafters

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