Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Talenth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Fort Hold
Fort Weyr
Telgar Weyr
Spouse T'mar
Parent(s) Lord Bemin
Lady Sannora
Siblings Koriana (sister)
Semin (brother)
Bannor (brother)
Kemin (brother)
Children Tiona
Fire-lizard(s) Gold Fire
First appearance Dragon Harper
Notable appearance All Third Pass books

Fort Shield Fort Weyr Shield Telgar Weyr Shield

Fiona was a Weyrwoman during the Third Pass, and rider of gold Talenth. She was the youngest daughter of Lord Bemin and Lady Sannora of Fort Hold, and younger sister to Semin, Bannor, and Koriana.


Early Life

Fiona was the youngest daughter of Lord Bemin and Lady Sannora of Fort Hold, and younger sister to Semin, Bannor and Koriana. Although young she always held a fascination for her sister’s love interest — Kindan. She and her father were the only ones of their family that survived the Plague, thanks to Kindan who found a cure. Growing up, Fiona would hunt Tunnel Snakes in the Hold, much to her father's irritation.




Fiona came to watch a hatching at Fort Weyr and was Impressed by a bold golden dragonet who ignored her candidates for Impression and declared to Fiona that her name was Talenth, instantly Impressing upon the last daughter of Lord Bemin. Fiona also had a gold fire lizard called Fire.


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After Impressing the young queen Talenth, Fiona befriended the other junior queen rider, Tannaz, before Tannaz and her queen Kelsanth went between forever from the plague. She also made friends with the disgraced girl of the lower caverns, Xhinna, who later Impresses a blue. Fiona complained of being tired all the time, along with all the weyrlings from the same clutch as Talenth, and some from the previous year. The Weyrleaders and Fiona shrugged it off, but later realized that it was because of Fiona and the other dragons timing it to Igen to allow the wounded dragons and riders to recover away from the plague, and permit the Weyrlings to grow to fighting size to help with Threadfall. When Talenth first rose to mate, she was flown by Zirenth, whose rider, T'mar, Fiona had known throughout her time at Igen Weyr but had never been romantically attached to before. Unfortunately, at the time of the mating, he suffered an incredible head injury and is in a coma. Fiona became senior Weyrwoman of Telgar Weyr after the loss of their whole fighting population between.

Physical appearance

Fiona had green-blue eyes and blonde hair.   

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