The fighting straps and/or riding straps, are very important to keep rider and dragon safe[1].

They are braided, and sewn to buckles, to be able to connect them together.

Moreta, check on them before she got ill of the flu, and the last time her queen would fly for being 'egg-heavy', that the cold of Between could eat, cold cracks, and wear out leather used. And during that fall, she and her queen disciplined a blue rider and his dragon, for careless, not having 'airspace' to go between and land, for the blue, could have end up in rock like unnamed wyerling at Benden Weyr.

First Interval/Second Pass

The ones that saved P'tero, during the flyover at Fort Hold's Gather.

Sixth Pass

You can store many things with the straps, Nerilka had to help M'barak with the apprentices' made bottles, so they wouldn't bang together on his blue Arith.

Ninth Pass

Lessa asking her queen to give her and F'lar a lift down to the Lower Caverns, after her mate Mnementh spooked the watch pair in All the Weyrs of Pern  

Tai stood at her green head, who was lowered so she could sliding down her riding straps great neck, once in place she bucketed them in place, then, she mounted, to hunt felines in the south



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